Lenovo's 4K 50-inch smart TV may be powered by NVIDIA Tegra K1

Much has already been said and written about the new NVIDIA Tegra K1. People now want to see which product becomes the first to be powered by this impressive chip. If there’s any weight to these claims, the first consumer product to be powered by the NVIDIA Tegra K1 might not be a smartphone or a tablet. Instead, it might be Lenovo’s upcoming 50-inch 4K smart tv.

Lenovo may be among the first companies to adopt NVIDIA’s newly announced Tegra K1 chip. Using his official Weibo account, Lenovo’s Vice President revealed that the company’s upcoming 4K 50-inch smart TV will use the world’s fastest 200-core CPU + GPU. As far we know, aside from the Tegra K1 no other chip comes with so many cores, 192 of which are reserved for graphics. The best part is that the launch date of this smart TV is “just around the corner.” Now we’re not sure whether this Lenovo TV set will be available in the West and we can only hope that will be the case.

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