Malwarebytes promises to protect XP users indefinitely

The antivirus industry is getting steamed up about the forthcoming end of XP support. Last week we saw Avast warning of the vulnerabilities users might face. Today anti-virus specialist Malwarebytes announces its new Anti-Malware Premium product and at the same time is pledging that it will continue to support XP users for life. The company says that XP users currently make up 20 percent of its user base and could be at greater risk after 8 April when support for the old operating system ends.

As Malwarebytes announces its new Anti-Malware Premium suite Monday morning, it comes with a nice present for Windows XP users: lifetime support.  Perhaps it isn’t entirely surprising given that, according to the company, 20 percent of its user base remains on Windows XP. Microsoft is actually extending malware support well beyond the XPocalypse date of April 8th, but knowing other companies have your back is a rare bright spot. (Not that we’re encouraging anyone to stick with Windows XP. Cyber criminals are readyand waiting to pounce on the holdouts. There are some things you can do to protect your XP machine, but most people should upgrade to Windows 7/8, or consider Linux as an alternative safe haven. Microsoft’s campaign to move everyone off Windows XP involvesincreasingly lucrative enticements.)

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