Microsoft rolls out the Xbox One March update

Following the February update, Microsoft today began rolling out the Xbox One March update, which features “many new features and improvements, most significantly to our party and multiplayer systems.” The new version is meant as preparation for the launch of the high-anticipated title Titanfall, which goes on sale on March 11 in the US and on March 13 in Europe.

The Xbox One March update begins rolling out today, bringing with it a number of improvements across Microsoft’s multiplayer services, the company announced today. The update will bring the Friends List to the front of the Friends app, allowing players to access the list and see who’s online more quickly. Party chat will also be enabled by default, with audio already on when players begin a party, and will now allow players to chat with others online playing different games. Multiplayer modes will now include an “Invite friends” option which simplifies bringing friends into games, as well as the ability to view a list of other players recently met in-game.

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