Microsoft to continue unleashing Scroogled-like anti-Google ads

Has Microsoft’s Scroogled ad campaign convinced you to switch to Bing yet? Probably not but that isn’t going to stop Microsoft from unleashing similar anti-Google ads in the future, especially now that it’s appointed one-time political consultant Mark Penn to be its chief strategy officer. Penn, who masterminded Microsoft’s not-exactly-successful Scroogled campaign, will be new CEO Satya Nadella’s point man for strategic decisions at Microsoft that will include “input in the area of competitive research and analysis.”

Two direct reports to new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella — EVP of business development and evangelism Tony Bates and EVP of marketing Tami Reller — are leaving the company, according to numerous sources close to the situation. It’s not clear where either exec is headed, if anywhere immediately. But Nadella told top staff of the changes on Friday; the software giant was planning to announce them Tuesday. Sources added that EVP of advanced strategy Eric Rudder will temporarily take up Bates’ duties, and longtime Microsoft marketing exec Chris Capossela will replace Reller. Interestingly, Capossela will get all of advertising, too, in a major shift in the duties of EVP of advertising and strategy Mark Penn to just EVP of strategy. As I reported earlier this week, Penn has been a much discussed figure inside Microsoft.

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