New smartphone gadget lets you measure the wind

A Kickstarter success has just closed its seed funding round, raising $375,000 to continue its work of measuring the wind using a network of smartphones with a low-cost, electronics-free hardware accessory combined with a mobile app. Danish startup Vaavud‘s new funding comes from a group of angel investors, and according to Vaavud CEO Thomas Helms, it’ll help them expand at a faster rate than before, and offer more product features to its hobbyist audience.

Don’t you just love the weathervane? There is something old school about it, not to mention it adds plenty of character to that particular building. Well, the Vaavud is something that we have talked about before in the past, where it has managed to raised up the relevant amount of money from the well trodden path known as Kickstarter, alongside a bunch of angel investors who have placed $375,000 into the company to boot. Vaavud would rely on a smartphone, an app, as well as a rather low-tech meter that is comprised of a couple of pieces of plastic in order to measure various details such as wind speed, direction, and others simply by keeping track on the direction of the wind.

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