Opera releases new version of its Opera Mini browser

Opera Mini, which so happens to be the browser version that casts a glance at older devices which happen to still run on Java-based platforms, has been given an update to bump up the version number to version 8. This is not just new wine in an old wineskin, but rather, it will boast of a restyled look as well as features that deliver the best in your mobile phone. 

Opera Software has released a new version of its Opera Mini browser custom-made for the Java platform on basic phones, as well as BlackBerry devices, which comes with a new look and several other features. The new look of Opera Mini 8 is meant to align it closer to Opera’s other mobile browsers. It features a flat, minimalistic design, as well as an improved Speed Dial start page, which helps users to navigate faster to their favorite sites from hybrid mobile phones. Other nifty features include a private mode, which supports private tabs that don’t save information once the open tab is closed, as well as a night mode that dims the effects of a bright screen by using darker colors.

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