Ouya is looking to expand outside the television

I am quite sure that many of us out there have heard of OUYA before, where the startup company has mentioned that they intend to extend their software to other devices, and these devices would include the likes of set-top boxes as well as smart TVs. OUYA has done a pretty good job at keeping things under wraps so far, especially concerning the “Everywhere” initiative, but it does seem as though the company is en route to making an announcement of their first deal with a hardware manufacturer within the coming fortnight.

Pretty soon, you might not need an Ouya console to play Ouya games on your TV, according to Julie Uhrman. As founder and CEO of the Ouya (pronounced “OOO-yah”) game company, Uhrman’s mission has been to lure gamers back to their living room televisions. Touch-screen gaming on a smartphone or tablet is nice, she suggests, but a big screen, coupled with the precision of a controller with buttons and analog sticks, offers the best platform for immersive, emotionally engaging experiences. Just how many people are playing Ouya games isn’t clear. The device’s first year on the market was a challenge, and the company hasn’t revealed hard sales numbers for the $99, Android-based console. Soon enough, though, you shouldn’t need an Ouya console to play Ouya games. Later this week, Uhrman plans to announce “Ouya Everywhere,” an initiative to bring Ouya games to television sets that aren’t connected to Ouya hardware.

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