Peel smart remote app reaches 50 million activations

Several apps out there can turn your smartphone into a smart remote control with the help of some other hardware. One of those apps is the Peel Smart Remote app. Peel has announced some interesting new milestones for the application. Peel announced this week that the Smart Remote app has passed 50 million activations. The app doubled its user base in the last six months. Peel says that if the growth of the app continues at the same pace, it will have 125 million activations by the end of 2014.

I always lose my TV remote. I’m rarely ever a few steps away from my phone. With the inevitable forces of convergence in technology and the power we now have to control our lives from of our smartphones, the union of the two makes a lot of sense. Peel would certainly agree – two and a half years after it first put it in the app store, the Mountain View-based startup’s smart TV remote registered its 50 millionth activation last week. The remote works with “98 percent of all consumer electronics,” founder Bala Krishnan says, including 3,500 brands of TV and 600 set top boxes. It allows users to browse for content on the remote first and gradually adapts to viewing preferences to make recommendations.


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