Philips unveils self-powering smart light control switch

The world is definitely taking on a green slant these days, and there are no two ways about it. After all, renewable energy makes plenty of sense considering the limited amount of fossil fuels that we have underneath the earth, and nuclear power might not be such a safe option in the long run, too. Philips has done their bit for the eco-friendly brigade with the Hue lighting collection, and this time around, they have unveiled the tap switch that will be made available later this year for $60 a pop.

Think you’re all done building out your Hue lighting collection? Think again. Philips’ latest product is one you’re likely going to want to own. The tap switch, available later this year for $60, lets you control connected lights wirelessly by tapping one of four buttons. More impressive, however, is the switch’s ability to turn lights off and on without requiring a power source of its own. The device is powered by kinetic energy, so a tap creates enough juice to complete each task. Philips is also announcing a new “lux” bulb, which looks and operates like traditional Hue units, albeit without the 16 million colors.

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