Pizza Hut's concept table lets you visualize your order as you construct it

With hundreds of mom and pop shops in the New York area, it’s been upwards of a decade since I’ve stepped foot in a Pizza Hut. But the fast food giant’s latest dining concept may just have me reconsidering that self-imposed chain pizzeria embargo. The interactive table, created in partnership with Chaotic Moon Studios, lets you visualize your order as you construct it. Pick your crust, select your sauce and cheese , then add toppings like chicken, mushrooms and peppers to your liking. 

When it comes to eating pizza, which particular shop do you drop by in the first place? Is Pizza Hut one of your first few choices, or have you long sworn yourself off food from the likes of Pizza Hut simply because there are better pizzas out there? Well, the regular pizza parlor that you drop by once a week might serve the meanest slices of pepperoni and cheese pizzas around, but this does not mean that they are jam packed with technology. No sir, Pizza Hut’s got your back if you want a high tech dining experience thanks to this unique interactive table that you can see in the video above.

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