PlayStation 4 global sales pass the 6 million units mark

Sony is reporting that as of March 2, six million PlayStation 4s have been shipped worldwide since launch back on Nov. 15, 2013, and it is now available in 57 countries around the planet. This figure includes the 370,000 that have been sold since the console launched in its home country of Japan on February 22. On the software front, Sony reports that 13.7 million games have been shipped, a figure that includes both physical and digital releases.

PlayStation 4 global sales have passed 6 million units since launching across territories in November. It is now available in 57 countries. It follows the console’s release in Japan, a launch we covered extensively here. Sony sent us a press release today to confirm the milestone, and stated that the figure includes the sale of 370,000 PS4 units in Japan since it launched February 22. PS4 software sales have now hit 13.7 million units worldwide, covering both boxed and digital sales. The format now features over 30 titles. Killzone: Shadow Fall has shifted 2.1 million units to-date.

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