Popular Bitcoin exchange BTC China launches Litecoin trading

Popular Bitcoin exchange BTC China announced on Tuesday that they’ve launched Litecoin trading effective immediately. The service says it’s added Litecoin trading due to popular demand, putting the exchange behind BTC-e in terms of big trading houses that allow trading of the digital currency. The move could once ignite a digital currency craze in the People’s Republic in China, similar to the bitcoin excitement we saw in the country last year.

BTC China, until recently the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange, has made Litecoin trading available on its platform, a move that is likely to add credibility to this newer cryptocurrency. What’s more, Litecoin trading will have zero percent commission on BTC China. In an announcement on its site, BTC China says that it has introduced Litecoin trading “by popular request” after it grew considerably in 2013 and gained recognition from Bitcoin enthusiasts. However, as Coinbase reports, BTC China CEO Bobby Lee is also the older brother of Litecoin inventor Charles Lee – and to this extent, BTC China’s banner for the announcement reads “Brothers Reunited.”

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