Promising piracy site Popcorn Time is already shutting down

Well, that didn’t last long. Just a little over a week ago, Popcorn Time descended upon the masses as a way to easily stream torrents straight to your computer. Now, though, amidst pressure regarding piracy, Popcorn Time has officially closed its doors. Of course, just because Popcorn Time has decided it wants no part in the highly contentious debate over copyright law doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s gone forever. 

The program that made it incredibly easy to illegally stream the latest movies has shut down. When I wrote about Popcorn Time earlier this week, I said it wasn’t likely to disappear anytime soon despite its legally dubious nature. That turned out to be wrong, as the creators of Popcorn Time have abruptly pulled the software from their website and shut it down. Even if you downloaded Popcorn Time already, it will no longer function. The creators remain proud of the project, saying that many of Popcorn Time’s users live in countries where it’s impossible to purchase movies that are even remotely new.

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