Samsung complains that patent video contains Apple products

Samsung has raised objections to a being shown to the jury this coming week during the new Apple Samsung patent infringement case. The video from the Federal Judicial Center, US District Judge Jeremy Fogel states that “During the lifetime of the patent its disclosure may inspire new inventions. And after it expires, the invention is free for anyone to use.” Samsung’s attorney’s complained that “At a minimum, the video strongly suggests that Apple’s products are innovative and patentable.” 

Samsung has raised objections to a “how patents work” video created by the Federal Judicial Center to provide jurors with an introduction to the patent system, claiming it would be “highly prejudicial” to expose jurors to the idea that Apple invented original products worthy of being patented. The FJC video (embedded below), was developed by United States District Judge Jeremy Fogel, for the purpose of explaining to jurors involved in patent cases what a patent is, why they exist in law, how inventors obtain patents and how courts resolve patent disputes in a jury trial. At the beginning of the first Apple vs. Samsung case, jurors were shown a similar video. However, over the past year the the FJC developed an updated version, replacing the dated-looking earlier edition that depicted actors wearing lots of plaid (below).

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