Samsung's Google Glass competitor will turn your hands into a keyboard

We’ve known for a while now that Samsung has been working on its own wearable computer headset that will be similar in a lot of ways to Google Glass. However one thing we’ve wondered is how Samsung plans to differentiate its own digital headset from Google’s, and now thanks to a patent filing uncovered by Galaxy Club, we might have a better idea. It seems that Samsung has been toying around with the idea of using its headset to impose an augmented reality keyboard onto users’ hands that will supposedly help them more easily write out messages. 

Samsung was rumoured to be working on a Goole Glass-style wearable device that was set to launch later this year, but till date there wasn’t any information about the device. However, a recent patent filing gives an insight into the kind of interface Samsung is planning for the device. The images detail a camera-based augmented reality keyboard that is projected onto your fingers. Different parts of your fingers are assigned to different keys, and you can then use your thumbs as an input device. The projection is likely carried out by the camera, which will also track your thumb movements and translate it into words based on the sequence and sections of fingers you “press.”

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