Screenshots of Blackberry's new OS version have been leaked

Despite BlackBerry’s dismally low market share in the US, it is still working on the next version of its operating system. And now we know what it will look like, thanks to some leaked screenshots picked up by PhoneArena. It looks like the new OS will feature an “Intelligent Assistant” that will presumably work like Siri or Google Now. The new OS also has a number of new features for its camera. 

BlackBerry 10.3 has leaked, and some new features and capabilities have been revealed. While it didn’t work on the leaked version of the OS, it seems that BlackBerry will be getting its own voice activated virtual assistant. We wonder what the name will be! With a new black and red color scheme for 10.3, there will be changes made to the QWERTY keyboard (see the slideshow). And to save battery life, the screen will be turned off when the phone is upside down or is in your pocket. BlackBerry has given the controls and buttons throughout the OS, a new minimalist style.

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