Seattle City Council enacts legislation to limit ride sharing services

UberX, Lyft and Sidecar will need to play by Seattle’s rules if they want to operate in the Emerald City. The Seattle City Council today voted 9-0 to enact new legislation that will limit the three app-based transportation network companies to 150 drivers on the road at any given time. The same goes for any other new startups who employ everyday drivers to shuttle people around town.

Monday was a rough day for ridesharing companies in Seattle, as Geekwire reports that the city council voted to approve a cap on ridesharing programs. The council voted unanimously to limit the number of cars allowed on Seattle roads to 150 per company, separating the regulations of a “transportation network company” from the longstanding Seattle taxi and for-hire service. The ordinance, expected to go into effect 30 days after Seattle mayor Ed Murray signs it (he has no veto power as the vote was unanimous). It’s a crushing blow to ridesharing companies that have set up shop in Seattle and see it as a key to the Pacific Northwest.

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