Sharp launches it near-4K Q+ line of televisions starting at $2,500

Even though CES 2014 is long gone, some of the stuff announced there is just now starting to become available for purchase. Case in point: Sharp’s Quattron+ lineup, a series of 2014 AQUOS televisions featuring the latest and greatest, including a revamped SmartCentral platform. But that’s not what’s interesting here. Instead, it’s the Quattron+ technology, one that Sharp describes as being able to “accept a 4K signal and play it back at near-4K resolution, with an effective resolution of 3840 x 2160.”

Sharp has finally launched and announced pricing for its Quattron+ – better known as Q+ – line of television announced earlier this year at CES. If you aren’t quite ready to spend the money needed to get a 4K television, you may want to check out the Q+ line of televisions from Sharp. Announced at CES, this new addition to the AQUOS  line of sets are HD televisions that are able to upscale content to near 4K quality, but it also has another nifty trick up its sleeve. While the majority of 1080p televisions are not able to play 4K content, the Q+ models are able to accept those higher quality signals and play them, albeit at a somewhat lower quality. While 4K content isn’t exactly that prevalent yet,  these new televisions will at least offer you some future proofing for what is coming down the road.

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