Sony takes the wraps off its PlayStation VR gaming headset

Sony has unveiled its own virtual-reality PlayStation 4 headset, and it’s tentatively called Project Morpheus. In a gaming landscape where the Oculus Rift has inspired many to wonder what’s next, Sony aims to capture a bit of that magic for itself with its own brand of immersive headwear. It’s not the first Sony headset: in fact, it’s had non-gaming models for years. This, however, is Sony’s entry to VR gaming in the way that we’ve come to imagine since Oculus Rift. 

Sony took the wraps off its PlayStation VR headset at a GDC session in San Francisco Tuesday evening. All those rumors about Sony working on a virtual reality headset to compete with Oculus Rift were correct: Sony boss Shuhei Yoshidafinally revealed the product this evening — it’s officially codenamed Project Morpheus — during a GDC session titled “Driving the Future of Innovation at Sony Computer Entertainment.” The future looks…well, like a lot of futures involving virtual reality have been looking since the notion took wing in the 1980s: you put something on your head, in most cases something that looks like a helmet or a really bulky pair of glasses, and motion sensors in the headset track your cranium’s movement to present the visual illusion (with varying degrees of fidelity) of being somewhere else.

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