Spotify is reportedly gearing up for an IPO later this year

A new report from Quartz claims Spotify is planning an IPO for as soon as this fall. The music-streaming company is apparently meeting with investment banks for early discussions, according to several sources “familiar with the process,” and may begin seriously pursuing a public offering as soon as next month. Spotify declined to comment on the rumors, but several recent actions taken by the company point to a possible IPO. 

Music streaming service Spotify could go public at some point in the fall of 2014, according to Quartz. Rumors of an IPO have been floating around for weeks. And there are a few signs that seem to indicate that the company is getting ready for an IPO. In February, Reuters found an interesting job opening on the company’s website. Spotify was looking for an External Reporting Specialist to “prepare the company for SEC filing standards. Set up all reports necessary to be SEC compliant.” Even more intriguing, the FT reported that Spotify received a $200 million credit facility from Morgan Stanley, Crédit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs.

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