Steve Jobs reportedly thought Apple TV was a bad idea

The idea of an Apple-made television set has become perhaps the most notorious rumor that has ever surrounded the company. The notion swirled for years, picked up steam due to its inclusion in Walter Isaacson’s Jobs biography, and has refused to die ever since. However, a new book that focuses largely on Apple under CEO Tim Cook contains a passage that seeks to dispel this myth in a big way. 

Ever since Apple released the iPad, people have been speculating about what Apple would do next. After revolutionizing the mobile phone with the iPhone, and the PC with the iPad, many expect Apple to revolutionize the TV. Apple analyst Gene Munster has been the loudest proponent of the idea that Apple will be doing a television. Two years ago he said, “It will be the biggest thing in consumer electronics since the smartphone,” and he described it by saying, “Imagine just a sheet of glass”—”no edges or bevels.” He was predicting it would be out by 2013. But, it never happened. 

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