Tinder dating app to use verification system for celebrities

Seriously, those celebrities get all the things. Brands give them free clothes, free phones, free vacations, and free makeup. They also get VIP access everywhere they go and super-special verified accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Now, we’re hearing that even when they wade into the swipe-able online dating pool of Tinder, they’re getting certified accounts to help them with their hookups. What gives?

When you become a celebrity, life is like an episode of Entourage: Hot people constantly throw themselves at you and your one friend won’t shut up about designer tequila. Right? Well, apparently only the second part of that statement is true, because celebrities are trying to use dating app Tinder to find a warm body, and their problem is they aren’t getting enough matches. Famous people are all allegedly all signed up for Tinder, including Lindsay Lohan, Josh Groban, Jamie Kennedy, and Ashton Kutcher. That is mostly believable, although why Ashton would need Tinder when he’s supposed to be engaged to perfect human Mila Kunis is beyond me.

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