Transit app for iPhone greatly improves its interface

The competition for best transit app is relentless. A few weeks ago, we told you about an update to RocketMan, which overhauled its interface for iOS 7 and added a number of great new features. Today, Montreal-based Transit App has done the same, releasing version 3.0 of its popular route-picking iPhone app. Along with a brand new interface that makes it much easier to get around, signage within Transit App is much easier to decipher. 

The appropriately named Transit app for iPhone has already gotten a lot of love in the App Store, including Editor’s Choice, and it is getting featured again because of a major update that’s out today. Transit is designed to provide you with realtime data on public bus and train systems in 62 metropolitan areas around the world.  Today’s update includes a more streamlined way of figuring out the right route to take, the ability to search locations using stop codes, a drastically improved offline mode, and more.  If you deal with public transportation on a daily basis, this app looks fantastic. You can find out if it works in your city on the developer’s website. Apple is rumored to be adding transit directions to Maps in iOS 8, but until then, enjoy Transit in the App Store. It’s free.

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