TV discovery startup Boxfish raises $7 million in funding

Boxfish is one of many startups that have popped up over the last several years to help TV viewers better find shows that they’d like to watch. Now looking to extend that technology to a number of consumer electronics manufacturers, cable providers, and third-party app developers, it’s raised $7 million in new funding. By parsing information provided in the captions that are distributed with live TV broadcasts, Boxfish is able to make sense of what’s happening on hundreds of TV channels in real-time. 

TV discovery startup Boxfish has raised a fresh $7 million round of funding, the company announced today. Boxfish uses the real-time closed captions found for pretty much every show on broadcast and cable to help you discover new TV content. Its technology is being used by over 100 developers to enhance TV guide-like features in cable boxes and smart TVs. The startup works with a handful of well-known TV providers including AT&T’s Uverse and Tivo. Last year the company released an iPad app that sought to remake the TV Guide experience. Atlantic Bridge led the new funding, with participation from Samsung, T-Ventures, and Naya Ventures. Boxfish said it plans to use the new capital to hire additional employees, expand beyond working with just TV-centric companies, and fuel its international growth.

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