Twitter buys two 19th century log cabins for its headquarters

Employees at Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco will soon get to take their lunch break in 19th century log cabins. It’s a design feature that “makes them a little different than any other tech company,” a company media relations representative told the Marin Independent Journal. The move highlights the unofficial race amongst Silicon Valley’s most successful tech companies to provide one-of-a-kind workplaces where employees can tap into their creativity.

Twitter is bringing yet another taste of the great outdoors to its wood-enveloped San Francisco headquarters. The company is currently in the process of transplanting a pair of 19th century log cabins from Montana to its office space on Market Street — a sprawling former furniture mart — where they are to be repurposed as dining room facilities. Olle Lundberg, the San Francisco designer responsible for Twitter’s rustic scheme, stumbled upon the ancient structures on Craigslist. Subsequently, they had to be deconstructed, shipped from Montana and then reassembled in California. The cabins are right at home among the reclaimed bowling alley planks that were used to forge Twitter’s reception desk in the main lobby, Lundberg told the Marin Independent Journal. Walls throughout its headquarters are also adorned with the company’s famed # and @ symbols fashioned from slabs of raw wood.

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