Twitter's iOS app is undergoing testing for a profile redesign

Twitter has been testing designs furiously all winter, including a tile-like format for tweets and a Facebook-style profile page on the web. But TNW has spotted an update in the Twitter app that brings the same profile look to mobile. Instead of having a centered profile picture, with a user bio hidden behind a left swipe, the new design features the profile picture against a white background on the left-hand side of the screen, with a cover photo scrunched up top, and bio information just below the profile picture.

After testing a radical profile redesign on the Web, Twitter is doing the same on mobile. A fairly ambiguous update for its iOS app was released today and TNW’s social media director Matt Navarra spotted the change after tapping the ‘Me’ tab at the bottom of the screen. Whereas before the profile photo was displayed in the center, it’s now been shifted to the left-hand side. The cover photo is still visible, but it’s been pushed upward to make room for the user’s bio. Before, this information would only be visible once the user swiped horizontally – now it’s front and center, on a white background that blends into the user’s profile photo above.

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