Valve shows off new Steam Controller design

Here’s a new look at the current state of the Steam Controller, which Valve just sent over in advance of next week’s Game Developers Conference. In January, Valve said at its Steam Dev Days meeting for game developers that it would make some major changes to the in-development controller, meant to allow players of games on the PC service Steam to move their playing from the computer room to the living room.

Valve offered up a clearer side-by-side image of its updated Steam Controller today. The second iteration of the SteamOS gamepad was revealed in January, and peeled away the center touchscreen in favor of more traditional face buttons. The new buttons consist of a directional pad and standard A, B, X and Y buttons, the latter formerly located around the touchscreen. Valve left the large circular trackpads on the device, but also added a Steam icon button in the center with start and select-like buttons on either side with what appear to be stop and play icons.

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