Video game-rental service Gamefly to begin renting out movies as well

Gamefly, the video game rental service provider, has decided to move into Netflix territory by introducing a new movie rental business which ought to prove to be a worthy competitor to Netflix’s disc-by-mail business, although that remains to be established. I suppose giving them some time to do so would help, so we will have to be patient in this particular case. Gamefly started to notify its existing customers concerning this particular service over email, at least according to a post on NeoGAF. 

Video game rental service Gamefly has launched a new movie rental business that will take on Netflix’s disc-by-mail business. Gamefly began notifying its current customers about the service via email today, according to a post on video game fan forum NeoGAF. Currently in beta, the service will offer both DVD and Blu-ray discs to those subscribers. Like its game rentals, subscribers will be able request either one or two movies at a time and won’t need a separate account. “We’re viewing this as a test based feedback we’ve received from subscribers who asked for it,” said Gamefly CEO Dave Hodess in an interview with VentureBeat. He added that the company plans to monitor data on movie rentals and make adjustments as necessary.

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