Xbox One update greatly improves Skype performance

Microsoft’s next-generation video game console, Xbox One got an update that has enhanced the chat performance and has added contact filtering options for Skype on the new console. In a blog post, Skype said that it has brought in numerous features that will improve chat, brings in ‘hidden heroes’ emoticons, adds contact filtering, introduces a tutorial and fixes bug issues.

Skype for Xbox One’s first update adds improved chat capability, contact filtering, a first time tutorial, and gets rid of several bugs, Skype has announced on its official blog. The improved chat keeps conversations in sync across multiple devices, adds push notifications alerting you to new messages, and provides a longer chat history that can hold up to 1,000 messages, as opposed to just the past seven days. The contact filtering update allows you to filter your contacts by who is online, making it easier to find those who are available to chat. A new first time tutorial will teach users how to use video calling and chatting using the Xbox One. Skype also said that it’s been listening to feedback and is working hard fix issues users have been experiencing.

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