3D printing comes to the streets of Taiwan on a bike

Going green is a theme that I am quite sure many of us are more than familiar with these days, and hence, we have these cute trash bins that let us know how to sort our trash, and which ones can be recycled. Here is an interesting sight in the streets of Taiwan’s capital, where staff from a design company intends to make use of unwanted plastic cups and bottles and transform them into pieces of art right there and then with the Mobile Fab.

Cycling through the streets of Taiwan’s capital, staff from a design company turn discarded plastic cups and bottles into pieces of art on the spot with Mobile Fab – an ordinary bike kitted out with a computer and 3D printer. “We wanted to do something to bring both recycling and 3D printing closer to average people,” said Kamm Kai-yu, a co-founder of the Taipei-based company Fabraft. Festooned with pumps, wires, tubes and display panels, the Mobile Fab cuts the plastic into strips before grinding it into fine powder. The operators feed the powder into the 3D printer on the front of the bike, using it as the “ink” to create a small medallion they attach to a colored light.

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