99% of malware for mobile devices are targeted at Android

It seems that malware developers love to target the Android platform , at least according to a recent report by F-Secure which has suggested that 99% of malware out there today for mobile devices are targeted at Android. The company had recently released their Q1 2014 mobile threat report and based on their numbers, it has been found that out of 277 new threats discovered in the first quarter of the year, all but two were targeted at Android devices.

F-Secure, one of the world’s leading online security companies based in Finland, has just released its Q1 2014 mobile threat report which shows what threats are affecting which mobile devices. For the first quarter of this year there were 277 new mobile threats discovered all but two targeted Android devices. Of the two new threats detected not affecting the Android platform, one targeted the iPhone while the other targeted Symbian devices. The report also showed a number of firsts for the Android platform. The first cryptocurrency miner has appeared for Android during the first quarter of this year. This malware uses a device to mine virtual currencies without the knowledge of the device owner. The first bootkit has also appeared which affects the early boot stage of a device and is more difficult to detect and remove. The first Tor Trojan and the first Windows banking Trojan that jumped over to the Android platform has also appeared.

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