9Wants to Know unravels iPhone contract scheme

The reason why iPhone theft is so high it is because the handset can be resold for a fair amount of money given how popular and high in demand the iPhone is. However with possible kill switches on its way, smartphone theft could see a reduction in the future, so what’s next for those looking to illegally acquire smartphones for resale? 

Wants to Know caught an iPhone scheme on camera that targets the homeless and the desperate with promises of quick cash. “I thought it was amazing money. I had rent due the next day and I was looking to pay it,” said a 19-year-old Denver woman named Phoenix. “I was very desperate.” 9Wants to Know spent weeks unraveling the scheme in which people are convinced to sign up for numerous iPhone contracts and then handover the reduced-price phones for some cash. Those who sign the contracts are then left on the hook with expensive monthly payments.

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