Amazon makes all Kindle documents available on Cloud Drive

Amazon has introduced new functionality for Kindle ereaders and tablets with Cloud Drive. Starting today, all personal documents that you have archived in your Kindle Library will be available to access, delete, organize, and share from your Amazon Cloud Drive. You can see these documents in a new “My Send-to-Kindle Docs” folder on Amazon Cloud Drive alongside all of your saved content, such as photos and personal videos.

I must admit, I got pretty excited just now when I got an email from Amazon telling me that my Kindle documents had been integrated with my Cloud Drive. At last, I thought, I can easily upload personal documents and have my reading progress synced between all my Kindle devices and apps. But guess what? Disappointment. The integration works one way. That is, if you load personal documents onto your Kindle, those documents will now be available in your free Cloud Drive, ready to access in, well, the web site – as you’ll see in a second, the alternatives are grim. Also, any documents will be stored in their original format. Amazon auto-converts things like DOC files to Kindle-friendly formats. It still does, but now the original is stored in your Cloud Drive. This sounds like it’s meant to be used with the rumored Amazon cellphone that will be launching soon.

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