Android voice commands could soon work anywhere in the interface

Outside of the Moto X, hands-free voice commands on Android are limited; pick up aNexus 5 or Galaxy S5 and you’ll find that “OK Google” only works at the home screen. If Android Police’s sources are accurate, though, you’ll soon get to bark out orders no matter where you are in the interface. Google is reportedly trying out an “OK Google everywhere” feature that, much like the Moto X, is always listening and responds only to your voice. 

We’ve recently seen plenty of rumors related to Google’s future plans for its Search app, from automatically remembering where you parked to reminding you of things when you’re with another person, to reminding you to pay bills, down to something as simple as setting a proper timer. Clearly, Google’s got plenty of plans for what will happen inside Search. But today, we’ve got something a little different – this time, it relates to how Google’s voice assistant will break out of Search, entering other Google apps to help you do more with your voice and perform more actions with Search in general. The hope is that eventually, these modular actions will apply to third-party apps as well, but that will depend on Google’s willingness to open up the relevant APIs.

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