Apek announces the world’s first Windows-powered Touch TV

Apek of Brazil has just launched a large screen Windows 8.1-powered PC-TV that is called Maxpad. Not the most exciting of names, this I know, but if it works, then why not? Large sized touchscreen Windows 8 PCs have gone on sale before, but majority of these, if not all, have mainly targeted the business market. Well, the Maxpad from Apek will arrive in three sizes – 39”, 50” and 64.5” models, where all three of them feature touchscreen displays at Full HD resolution.

Brazil based company Apek has announced MaxPad, world’s first Touch TV with Windows OS in it. It runs on Windows 8.1 and it comes with optic multipoint touchscreen. It also come with 100 degree wide angle camera which is perfect for video conferences in high resolution, allows 5MP capture, and Full HD video. It is powered by Quadcore AMD chip With 3.8Ghz, the processor A10 offers high performance graphics with an ATI Radeon HD7660. On storage side, it comes With a hybrid configuration that includes a SSD of 60 GB and 500 GB HD, you will have more speed and space. It comes with Universal remote control, Air Mouse and wireless keyboard. You can have everything under control with only one device.

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