Apple to recycle used Apple products at all of its stores

We know that Apple has always been a very environmentally-conscious company. Greenpeace has given Apple their approval regarding how green their data centers are, but it seems Apple is not stopping there. They have recently taken steps to ensure their data centers will be even more green than ever, and have recently announced a new program that will allow Apple customers to send back old products to any Apple Store for recycling.

Continuing its multi-pronged and environmentally-minded publicity push on Monday, Apple has also initiated a new program that will turn all Apple Stores into recycling centers, accepting all used Apple devices either for free (in the case of non-functional and older devices) or in exchange for a gift card (for newer, functional units). The new plan is part of an effort to reduce the company’s “footprint” in terms of manufacturing pollution, and keep more of its electronics out of landfills. The program, which is administered with help from PowerON, will help prevent any toxins used in older or recent Apple products (such as the chemicals in batteries) from contaminating soil or groundwater, which can happen when they aren’t properly recycled. For recent, functioning and good-condition equipment that could be resold, the stores will offer gift cards usable to purchase other Apple hardware.

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