Apple tops Greenpeace's clean energy list, Amazon takes last place

It’s safe to say that datacenters, which tend to be pretty huge, require a lot of power to keep them operational. Not only is the power needed to keep the servers running, but it is also required to keep them extremely cool as well lest they overheat and cause a bunch of other problems. As we know there are many ways to generate electricity either through the burning of coal, nuclear, or going green by using kinetic or solar energy, which is what companies like Apple, Facebook, and Google are doing.

As technology titans such as Apple, Google, and Facebook battle for the title of greenest data maker, one of the Internet’s key players, Amazon, is ignoring the cause altogether and falling dangerously behind its peers, according to a new Greenpeace report. The organization’s new report, “Clicking Clean: How Companies are Creating the Green Internet,” identifies Amazon, which runs Amazon Web Services (AWS) and plays host to a significant portion of the Internet, as one of the most egregious companies when it comes to using what the organization labels “dirty” energy, a category that includes nuclear and coal power, to run its massive centers.

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