Apple’s iWatch could warn you that you’re being sunburned

Barclays microprocessor analyst Blayne Curtis thinks that  Silicon Labs Inc.’s recently announced ultraviolet light sensorcould be popping up in the fabled iWatch, a much-rumored wearable tech device thought to be in the works at Apple Inc., according to Apple Insider. Apple’s potential business could be a $4 million revenue boost for Silicon Labs, according to Apple Insider. The sensor would help the watch notify the user that he or she is about to be sunburned. 

Speaking of the iWatch, we already know that it will be jam packed full of biometric sensors to measure your pulse, your steps, and more. But a new report by Barclay’s chip analyst Blayne Curtis suggests the iWatch could boast a more secret sensor too: an ultraviolet light sensor. According to Curtis, Austin-based Silicon Labs has come up with a new UV light sensor that they believe will win them an iWatch contract. An iWatch with such a sensor could warn users when they were too exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, and recommend a sunscreen accordingly. Apple may well be capable of finding even more clever uses with it too. Given the iWatch’s rumored focus on being an all-in-one sensor device, we wouldn’t be surprised if this rumor turned out to be true.

By Scarlett Madison

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