Covr case for iPhone makes taking candid photos easy

As good as an app is, you are still limited by the physical camera lens on your camera, which for most Smartphones is a fixed lens that doesn’t provide a lot of options. Fortunately, there are a lot of great lenses out there you can attach to your phone that open up a new world of possibilities. If candid photography is your thing, you should keep your eye on a great Kickstarter iPhone case that is getting a lot of attention, called Covr.

Anyone who has ever tried to take candid photos can talk about the change that comes over people when they notice someone taking pictures. For some, it’s a subtle shift in posture to show their best side, while others will make silly faces or try to photobomb an otherwise nice photo. Pulitzer Prize finalist and Bellevue resident Thomas Hurst is trying to solve that problem with Covr, a new iPhone case that makes it possible for people to shoot photos while holding their phone flat, like a remote control. Its key feature is a prism that users can slide over their phone’s camera, which allows them to capture a photo without holding the phone up.

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