Creator of Dogecoin discusses the future of cryptocurrency

A dogecoin-themed conference held in San Francisco brought together hundreds of attendees to hear leaders from the altcoin industry, and to just have a good time. The event, called Dogecon SF, was held in the auditorium space at Automattic, the company behind the popular WordPress platform. The conference, organized by Follow the Coin, filled the hall, which was built for a capacity of 350.

Dogecoin, the 139-day-old cryptocurrency, held its first conference in San Francisco Friday where hundreds of the currency’s devotees turned out to show their support and, of course, “tip” anyone with a QR code handy. Dogecoin founder Jackson Palmer gave the keynote during which he discussed the currency’s unexpected journey from joke to reality and the future of the cryptocurrency that in just over four months has already become the most widely traded virtual currency in the world. Palmer, who was involved in other cryptocurrency communities at the time, officially launched dogecoin in December of 2013. The currency was quickly embraced by the Reddit community who has collectively given out $150,000 in dogecoin “tips” to other Reddit users, Palmer said.

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