Dungeon Defenders creators hir former LucasArts president

Trendy Entertainment, creators of the multi-platform tower defense meets action-RPG hit, Dungeon Defenders, announced a prominent transition in leadership, hiring Darrell Rodriguez, a former LucasArts president and Electronic Arts executive, as Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Rodriguez joins the studio as it prepares to launch the company’s highly anticipated sequel to Dungeon Defenders and a cross-platform development platform.

Darrell Rodriguez, who served as president of LucasArts between 2008 and 2010, will now lead Dungeon Defenders developer Trendy Entertainment as its CEO, the studio has announced. Rodriguez, who most recently served as Chief Creative Officer at casino game creator International Game Technology, said in a press release that he was drawn to the studio due to it being “among the first companies to recognize that digitally distributed releases deserve the same high-quality treatment as traditional retail titles.” “AAA doesn’t belong to AAA anymore, and finding fellow video game industry veterans who understand this is an exciting proposition,” Rodriguez said.

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