Facebook continues trying to purge the News Feed of low-quality posts

In an effort to rid the News Feed of low-quality, spammy brand posts, Facebook announced on Thursday that it has made changes to weed out common techniques meant to dupe users into clicking and promoting content. The most overt tactic that Facebook will work to curb is “like-baiting” — a common practice that encourages users to “respond” to messaging only in the form of liking, briefly commenting on or sharing a post. 

The No. 1 complaint I hear from people on Facebook is that they hate their close friends’ posts getting buried in their news feed by stuff they don’t care about–the equivalent of spam in their email boxes. Today, Facebook took steps to fix that situation by targeting several kinds of posts users find spammy. But first, it’s important to understand one thing: You won’t see any change in the number or type of ads in your news feed. The crackdown on spammy posts doesn’t actually include any kind of advertising.

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