First Tizen-powered smartphone is coming to Russia next month

Tizen is alive, but unfortunately delayed yet again. However, there might be a light at the end of the tunnel for the joint Intel-Samsung developed OS, as according to a TizenIndonesia, Tizen is going to get its smartphone debut some time in May. The first official smartphone running Tizen would launch in Russia next month, with Brazil and other developing markets coming next. 

The Korean juggernaut has been working on a Tizen smartphone for quite some time now but it still hasn’t launched one for the public. There were countless rumors last year claiming that a launch would take place within the year, but it didn’t. Apparently the company decided to delay the smartphone because it wanted time to make the Tizen platform even better. A new report suggests that Samsung’s first Tizen smartphone is going to be launched in Russia next month. The report cites an unnamed Samsung official in Korea who has made this claim. The official also reportedly said that Samsung’s plan is to make other Tizen devices that will connect with the smartphone. It is also claimed that the Tizen smartphone’s specifications will be similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy S4, something that has already been rumored before.

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