FreedomPop to begin selling iPhones on its free wireless plan

FreedomPop, the carrier offering free and cheap data plans on Sprint’s network, today announced it will start selling the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 on its free wireless plan offering 200 voice minutes, 500 text messages and 500 MBs of data per month. Previously the plan was only available to select Android devices after launching last year with an outdated HTC device. In addition the company is launching a new iOS app that offers free voice, text, and voicemail to iPhone customers on any carrier.

FreedomPop is now offering the iPhone under its free service plan, offering 200 voice minutes, 500 text messages and 500 MBs of data to customers gratis with the option of upgrading to bigger bucket plans starting at $5 month. The mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) on Sprint’s network is not only offering a refurbished iPhone 5 directly to customers for $349, but also inviting them to bring old off-contract Sprint iPhones (the 4, 4S and 5) to its growing community. FreedomPop is also launching its own over-the-top (OTT) iOS app, which allows customers on other carriers to maintain a virtual phone on top of their existing service plans.

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