Galaxy S5 already accounts for almost 1% of the Android market

It doesn’t come as much of a surprise, but Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is poised to become the next big thing in the Android market. According to Localytics data from April 11th to April 18th, the Galaxy S5 already makes up 0.7% of the every active Android smartphone in the world, just one week after release. Considering the sheer number of Android devices on the market, this is quite an impressive feat, even for the reigning champion.

On April 11, Samsung, the dominant manufacturer in the Android market, released its much-hyped Galaxy S5 smartphone. Just one week after its global release, the Galaxy S5 now makes up an impressive 0.7% of all active Android smartphones worldwide, according to Localytics data. In order to get a sense of the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S5 compared to its largest non-Android competitor, Apple’s iPhone 5s, Localytics examined the adoption rate of both devices in the days following their respective global releases. The key takeaway: After one week, the iPhone 5s made up 1.1% share of all iPhones, whereas the Galaxy S5 made up 0.7% of all Android smartphones. (It’s important to note that each percentage is comprised of the total global smartphone platform at the time of their release.)

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