Google improves hotel and restaurant search features for Android

Google has updated its search engine for Android, better integrating the company’s hotel and restaurant search features. For example, typing or using voice to ask questions like “show me restaurants in New York City” should lead to a list of restaurants near you.  The move follows Google’s integration of flight search into its voice search for PCs and Android.  So far, the search features work reasonably well, and will place higher rated hotels and restaurants up near the top of results. 

With Cortana arriving on Windows Phone 8.1, the battle of the digital assistants — Cortana, Siri and Google Now — is well and truly underway. Google has just announced that its voice search tool on Android is getting a little bit smarter with more comprehensive filters in searches for nearby hotels and restaurants: You can sort your results based on price ranges, customer ratings and even opening hours. “It’s hard to make last-minute hotel and restaurant reservations in your price range, in the right neighborhood and with the right flair,” says Google in a post on Google+. The example given by the developers is “restaurants in downtown Austin” — there are filters available for you to swipe between, based on price, rating and cuisine. An additional button enables you to focus in on venues that are currently open.

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