Google rumored to be working on a standalone camera app

If there is one gripe that many Nexus owners have with their phones, it would be with the camera. Over the years we’ve seen a variety of Nexus phones released and with each release, one of the complaints would be that the camera is just not up to scratch compared to the competition. Fortunately, Google is rumored to be working on a standalone camera app that will reportedly deal with the issues people have been experiencing, while at the same time opening it up to developers and non-Nexus devices too, much like the Google Now launcher.

We know that Google has been looking to bring more advanced photo features to Android for a while, but it may soon be ready to show off what it’s been working on. Sources aware of Google’s plans have confirmed to us that the search giant is currently testing a new version of its camera app that will sport a refreshed UI, a background-blurring effect for portrait shots and improved panorama and Photo Sphere modes. As part of its overhaul, we’re told that Google has finally fixed issues with the default camera’s photo framing, allowing users to snap images with a new 100 percent no-crop viewfinder. That means you’ll see exactly what your Android device will capture before you hit the shutter button, with no unwanted objects creeping in at the edges.

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