Hoop Tracker smartwatch measures basketball training progress

Basketball isn’t an easy sport and the creators of the Hoop Tracker knows this. Their Kickstarter campaign for the Shot Tracking Smartwatch aims to help players with their shots by automatically tracking real-time 3PT, FT and FG percentages, while also analyzing and improving your shot. It also provides players with court side accuracy, distance accuracy, consecutive made/missed shots and even how many calories they burned and how long they played. 

We can’t all have Jordan’s dunk, but a new piece of wearable tech could soon help athletes understand their own strengths — and weaknesses. Hoop Tracker is a smart watch designed specifically for basketball players that automatically measures training progress, including shooting percentages and accuracy.  “If you’re going to perform an activity you’re going to want to know how well you’re doing it,” Hoop Tracker founder Jason Duke told Mashable. “Basketball is no different.” The Hoop Tracker system is made up of two main components — a shot detector magnetically mounted on the hoop and the watch itself. Once a player takes a shot, a sensor is activated when the ball hits the backboard or the rim. If the ball goes in, it will hit a lever positioned in the hoop and the shot will be recorded as made. But if it doesn’t hit the lever within two seconds, a miss will be registered.

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