Intel unveils new education-focused two-in-one laptop/tablet

No company worth its salt would want to remain where it is and let the rest of the world move on. No sir, they would want to remain at the cutting edge of innovation all the time, and Intel is no different, having updated its range of education-oriented tablet and notebook reference designs by rolling out its maiden 2-in-1 device. Known as the Intel Education 2-in-1, this does seem to resemble more of the Classmate PC convertible netbooks of yore.

Intel has tried various methods to infiltrate the classroom, from its Classmate netbook to various education tablets (including the Studybook and Education Tablets). Now it appears to be merging the two device types with the new Education 2-in-1 convertible laptop. As with many other hybrid notebooks, the Education 2-in-1 allows students to detach the display from the keyboard in order to use it as a standalone tablet. You can also flip the screen around to have it face the front to show content off to the rest of the classroom. It includes a stylus to ease input for kids still making their way around a keyboard, and also comes with educational accessories like a snap-on magnifying lens and a temperature sensor probe.

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