Javelin Android web browser may be better than Chrome

While most Android users are probably strapped to Firefox, Chrome, or Dolphin, there is always room for innovation in browsers. While Javelin Browser could potentially be one of those, it does have some warts that might cause some to steer clear of it. Javelin’s unique set of features revolve around the user interface and add-on services. Sporting a flat, minimalist look, the browser makes use of gestures to navigate through tabs.

Right now, if you aren’t using your Android phone’s built-in Web browser, then you’re probably using Chrome, but there are a number of popular browser alternatives out there, and one of our new favorites is Javelin. It’s one of the first browsers built around the idea that we’re using it on a mobile phone, not a desktop. Javelin packs a slew of features you rarely see on mobile browsers, especially Chrome and the Android browser. These features include one-handed gestures, a special viewing mode, a built-in VPN, its own incognito mode (Chrome does have this), and even an ad-blocker. This all revolves around a very straightforward, simple UI featuring a bit of Holo-style color and flair.

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